Who am I?

In a high school art class called “Fibers,” I learned techniques associated with several fiber arts of the times, including macramé, batik, and stitching on burlap.  However, weaving was the form of fiber art that class introduced me to that fascinated me; there was just something about creating cloth on the loom that had me “warped” for life.  Fortunately, I was able to immediately pursue the interest as a senior in high school via two semesters of weaving independent study.  My passion in weaving continued in my higher education endeavors, as I attended the University of Wisconsin in the BFA program for two years and subsequently transferred to the University of Maryland, where I received an undergraduate degree in art education and a minor in weaving.


Currently, my interest in weaving involves working with and changing the structure of weaves.  I enjoy the challenge of combining color with structure, especially the gradual blending from one color to another.  I continue to study in guilds and to perfect the techniques I learn in the workshops I take to keep my weaving fresh.  I work a lot in a technique that I call “Re-Fabrications,” taking woven print material, cutting it into strips and weaving them back in order which compresses the designs.  I then create articles of clothing with the yardage that I weave.  I also teach workshops on various weaving topics from basic drafting to complex weave structures to weaving guilds.


I live in Farmington Hills, MI with my husband  Rob, who works as a data analyst.  I have two children, Victoria, a nuclear engineer in the energy field, and Douglas, a mechanical engineer in the aviation field.  I also have two cats;  Baron von Fuzzball, who steals balls of yarn and hides them in all corners of the house and Godiva who is planning to take over the world.