Studio Space

Where I Create

I have three different work areas in my home. According to my husband the looms are taking over the house. Here are pictures of each of my work areas:


This is the loom in my family room, a nice small four shaft Dorset loom that I use for weaving scarves and some shawls. Since it is so easy to move I generally use it for demonstrations and workshops. I like to have a loom in the family room so that I am not always off working by myself. I get a nice view of our back yard and the birdfeeders from this loom.


Upstairs is my second loom in a bedroom that I have converted into a studio. This is the loom that gets the most use. It is an eight shaft Baby Wolf with a 25 inch weaving width. I do a lot of complex weaving on this loom and it is wide enough for me to weave shawls. It is nice to have a room dedicated to weaving. I have my weaving library and lots of yarn up here – occasionally the carpeting even gets vacuumed. I get to watch the squirrels in the pine trees and my cats’ reactions to them.


A section of the basement has been carved out to get another work are. The ambiance is not wonderful, what with the cement walls and rafters, but is it spacious. I do have daylight right next to my loom which helps. I have enouh room for my bi 8-shaft Loomcraft loom. I do ReFabrication weavings, fabric yardage and all of my rugs on this loom. It is definitely heavy, but compact for its size. I can open up my cutting table down here and I have a workbench for all sorts of projects plus a couch for anyone who wants to keep me company while I weave. The rest of my yearn and all rug making materials are stored down here. Visitors understand why my husband and son grumbled a LOT when we moved twice in a year.


I recently added this last area, once again carving an area out of the basement. I am  lucky enough to have a dedicated area for dyeing and silk screening. The table and bench below were discards from a clothing store and I was lucky enough to be there to get it. It has taken me some time to get everything organized for ease of use, but it has been worth the journey. I really enjoy working down here.