Multi-Layer Weaving Workshop

Multi-Layer Weaving – 2 or 3 Day Workshop

The theory and practice of multi-layer weaving will be taught. The first part of the workshop will be learning how to design for multi-layer structures by using paper models. This way the participants will not just learn how to weave a multi-layer structures, but why it is designed the way that it is. Then the practical application of the multi-layer designs. We will do a round robin workshop of different multi-layer structures, for both four and eight shaft looms. Threading instructions will be provided after registration.

2 or 3 Day Workshop

Material Fee $5.00
Ability Level Must be able to read a draft and thread a loom
Enrollment 6 – 24
Room Requirements Large enough for looms, several tables and chairs, a screen or white wall on which to show slides
Equipment Digital projector, overhead projector, white board, markers for a white board

Multi-Layer Weaving Mini Sessions